Interview or oral exam is conducted once a candidate qualifies in written exam, after publication of result of written exam, call letters is issued to written exam candidates for Oral Examination (Interview). Interview Panel consist of three Commissioners of

Different expertise, they analyze candidate on the basis of different parameters and accordingly give marks for this exam. In order to qualify for the examination you need to secure 60% out of 100 Marks.


The Interview/Oral test is the test of your confidence, your decision making capability in a given situation , your work ethics and your overall personality. You need to be very alert and make presence of mind at the time of Interview.


We are renowned for providing best coaching classes for aspirants of Oral Exam under Reg 6 CBLR.  We have a specially designed program for our students for Interview Exam. We at PSP Academy pay personal attention to each and every student and make them aware where they are making mistakes while doing mock interviews, so that they will not repeat the same mistake in the actual interview.


Duration of Interview class is approximately one month or less depending upon the time available in the final exam. The curriculum of the exam is same is you read for written exam however approach is altogether different, and if you do not change the approach, you cannot succeed in oral examination. We provide our own study material and conduct  Mock Interviews.


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